2013 Twitterview - Scott Reynolds ('DEXTER' Writer) Talks About Finale/Inspiration for Show

Updated: Jan 13

Michael C. Hall (left) & Scott Reynolds (right) on the set of 'Dexter: New Blood' (2021)

An old collection of answers from Showtime's "Dexter" & Netflix's "Jessica Jones" writer; Scott Reynolds that I had with him over Twitter in 2013 before, during & after the "Dexter" Season 8 finale. Long before any of us ever knew there'd be "Dexter: New Blood" (2021) coming out aka "Dexter" Season 9. Fun to see what the mindset was like back in 2013/2015. Check out the rough transcript below / screenshots of the interview ("Dexter" spoilers ahead if that wasn't obviously already):


Scott Reynolds: Oh no! One of my favorite authors died today. I'll miss you, Elmore Leonard. He was a giant reason I became a writer.

Sam Gall: @jscottamy Sad to hear :/ R.I.P. May I ask, out of curiosity, what other writers/authors you found to be inspiring?

Scott Reynolds: @sambofuzzy i love to read James Ellroy, @brubaker L'amour, Stephen King, Richard Stark, Jim Thompson, George Pelecanos, @artofmmignola


Sam Gall: @jscottamy Did Julie Benz come back to shoot ep 501 for the tub scenes and flashbacks? Or was that done at the end of ep 412?

Scott Reynolds: @sambofuzzy She came back. Yes.

10/8/13 *"Dexter" Season 8 Spoilers Below!

Sam Gall: @jscottamy Tweet Part 2. I'm not saying he should have died, I loved how you guys ended it. Just wondering how you personally felt. Thanks!

Scott Reynolds: @sambofuzzy I would not have wanted Dexter to die. Much to easy, and frankly expected. Dex is too self serving to commit suicide.


Sam Gall: @jscottamy which films/books/shows inspired Dexter and Following's horror/thriller/suspense feel? Like, what comes to mind when you write?

Scott Reynolds: @sambofuzzy not any one movie a lifetime of movie watching, as well as a crazy imagination.


Sam Gall: @jscottamy what do you think paved the way for Dexter? Other TV shows? Movies?

Scott Reynolds: @sambofuzzy sopranos made it all right to root for the bad guy on TV. Silence of the Lambs helped too.

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