"8 1/2" (1963) | Quickscope Review #5 | Sam Gall Movie Reviews (DVDs/Blu-rays)

"8 1/2" (1963) | Quickscope Review #5

Federico Fellini takes us on a beautiful ride behind the lens of a struggling Italian director.

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THE START OF A NEW SERIES! "Quickscope Reviews".

The reference is to a certain style of gameplay that I believe started in "Call of Duty" (possibly "Halo"). It was the trick of the century that revolutionized how people would use a (digital) sniper rifle, in my case, "Call of Duty". To help understand the term, if I was bigger on skating, I might've called this "Kickflip Reviews".

"Quick" is also what I'm going for with these; a lot speedier to get out for you guys unlike my "Gem Mint 10.0" series which I almost write in essay form. Getting all the correct info, name spelling, links and pictures adds a bit too much time for me. Would love to get you guys content faster!

This "Quickscope" series will pertain to my DVD/Blu-ray collection. Mostly past films, I haven't been spending a lot on hard copies lately. My "Gem Mint 10.0" series will continue, just most likely for newer films that I don't own on disc. I hope you guys enjoy the format! More movie recommendations on the way!

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