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Angela Bassett Doesn't Owe The Oscars A Thing - Not Even A Smile

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Our expectations for the Oscar's to acknowledge Black art was low, but last night's snub still stung. After her stellar performance in Wakanda Forever, many fans hoped that Angela Bassett would win her (long-overdue) Oscar. Instead, she ended up on the receiving end of vitriol for not cheering and smiling when her name wasn't called – something that not only many other nominees did, but that is completely understandable in the face of disappointment:⁠

"Given the heavy lifting Bassett did for Wakanda Forever, for the superhero genre, and for Hollywood with her portrayal, it’s only natural for her to feel letdown by the loss at the Oscars. But in a space where Black art, feelings, and people aren’t a priority, she was demonized for a perfectly normal reaction." –@ineyekomo⁠

At the end of the day, we don't need the Oscars to tell us that Angela Bassett is a legend. We see you and we ❤️ you, aunty!⁠

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