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Angelina Jolie Details Abuse Allegations Against Brad Pitt in Countersuit

I don't like #BradPitt and I haven't for awhile. Realizing he only did '#OnceUponaTimeinHollywood' to get with #MargotRobbie while with #AngelinaJolie.. (on top of the whole Jennifer Aniston thing too)

He produced the new disgustingly misogynistic #MarilynMonroe film 'Blonde'..

His new film '#BulletTrain' just looks like a whitewashed Asian film with him & #AaronJohnson as white savior leads..

He's just creepy and overrated and not surprised he hits his kids / wife.

He's also producing the new film about #HarveyWeinstein '#SheSaid', but seriously, why do you have that guy even near your film? Shouldn't that film be produced by the women he hurt? Not... Brad Pitt?

You too, #LeonardoDiCaprio. 25 and under only right? 🤮

TikTok @5arahpop / #NewYorkTimes

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