"Back to the Future Part II" (1989) | Sam Gall Movie Review Issue #118 Gem Mint 10.0

“Back to the Future Part II“ (1989)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Writer: Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale

Starring: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Thomas F. Wilson, Elisabeth Shue, Jeffrey Weissman

Rated: PG

Runtime: 1h 48min

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Country: United States

Language: English

"After visiting 2015, Marty McFly must repeat his visit to 1955 to prevent disastrous changes to 1985...without interfering with his first trip."

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Michael J. Fox in “Back to the Future Part II” (1989)

Back to the Future Part II” (1989) is the fun, dark side of the original!

I discovered this film in its entirety of its trilogy. Refer to the FIRST film’s review that I did for that story.

Thomas F. Wilson in “Back to the Future Part II” (1989)

This film feels like it gets to play with the world it’s created a lot more than its predecessor. I mean, that’s kind of the game of the sequels, but I love that it plays off all the great moments of the first in surprising and wild new ways!

One of my favorites is getting to see the town courtyard area where the clock tower is from the first film, but getting to see it in their ‘2015 version’ of what they think the future looks like! Seeing Marty McFly essentially take a trip through the first film!

The stakes feel a lot more intense in this one! Almost like what “Avengers: Endgame” (2019) is to “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018). Biff or Griff hot on their tail like Thanos! The heist is very reminiscent! And it's just a plus that Alan Silvestri composed BOTH "Back to the Future" and the "Avengers"!

Lea Thompson in “Back to the Future Part II” (1989)

Getting to see an old Marty McFly is always great! Something everyone else got to do in the original and Michael J. Fox finally gets a taste of in the sequel! We get different shades of everyone!

It is a trip realizing that Elisabeth Shue (who replaced Claudia Wells’ role as ‘Jennifer’) goes on to play the terrifying Madelyn Stillwell from Amazon’s “The Boys” (2019-).

Michael J. Fox (left) & Christopher Lloyd (right) in “Back to the Future Part II” (1989)

The whole world of ‘2015’ that they imagine and create is a wonder to watch! How people in the 80s imagined the future.. One of my favorite elements of movies! It's also the first time we actually get to see THE FUTURE. Whereas in the first, we really just got to go back to the past!

Michael J. Fox in “Back to the Future Part II” (1989)

I think the order of the films reflects my favoritism in them. 1st being my favorite and so on. Though all three of them are masterpieces in their own ways. “Back to the Future Part II” (1989) delivers the crazy, wild twist on the beloved original that still manages to inspire and become an instant classic, at least in my book!

Written by Sam Gall on July 1, 2021

CGC Grading: Gem Mint 10.0

"The story is incredibly complex, very well arranged and organized, and surprisingly cohesive despite so many jumps in time." - Mike Massie, Gone With The Twins

"The film works best through its magnificent technical achievements (the visual effects received an Oscar nomination) and the inherent charm of Fox, Lloyd and, especially, the delightfully menacing Thomas F. Wilson." - TV Guide

"It's simply a joy to be able to spend two more hours of fun with these great characters." - Sebastian Zavala Kahn, Cinencuentro

"The relatively quaint and simple time travel arc from BTTF gets far more confusing and, in some ways, more fulfilling." - Christopher Null, Filmcritic.com

"It's impressive entertainment, and best of all, it never degenerates into Spielbergian sentimentality: you can laugh, be thrilled and think without feeling embarrassed." - Geoff Andrew, Time Out

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