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Check out 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' on Amazon Prime! 3 Episodes Out! 5 left!

I'm glad I grew up from the young boy who thought this story could NOT have been remade.. I was so precious about it yet so naive.. So.. uncultured.. And coming off of 3 'House of the Dragon' episodes which were absolute cringe..

This was a breath of fresh air, adventure, spirit and love! It's crazy to think only now are we getting people of color and more women in Middle-Earth.. I'm happy to say I can let go of the old trilogy after having seen only 2 1/2 episodes of this show... The amount of possibilities and the diverse characters is one of the most inspiring things to see for a fantasy fan like me. I can't go back now that I've seen what could be possible..

Not once did I think I would see a brown kid that looks like me in Middle-Earth.. Why is that such a crazy thing to imagine? Why was that not something I thought about when the original trilogy came out? Because that's all that was given to us..

I'm glad Peter Jackson was not allowed near this project. The fact that we've already gotten a Spanish director (J.A. Bayona), female writer (Gennifer Hutchison) and Asian director (Wayne Yip) so far to helm Middle-Earth stories is ground-breaking and the types of new storytellers we need.

It's an absolutely exciting new story for generations to come! So inclusive and full of color, magic, and adventure! Much rather live in Middle-Earth than I would Westeros.

Look, it's still not perfect, it could be doing more of everything I just said, but I can't wait to see where this show goes! 5 left! I'm so impressed with what I've seen and it's just getting started!

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