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Danny McGaw - Lost Without You (Official Music Video)

Here's the official music video for Danny McGaw's "Lost Without You" featuring Natasha Emilia Heeszel which I got to help out on with director Aman Segal & team! So much fun! Beautiful song... Check it out!

Danny McGaw - Lost Without You (Official Music Video):

Director: Aman Segal

Exec Prod: Christopher Gosch

Co-Exec Prod: Marcel Dios

Artist: Daniel / Danny McGaw

Actor: Natasha Emilia Heeszel

Director of Photography: Christopher Gosch

Assistant Camera: Pongsakorn Kamhangngam

Editor/Colorist: Marcel Dios

BTS Video: Jonathan Chan

BTS Photos/DIT: Sam Gall

Special Thanks: Russell Kun

Production Services: Spekulor

Post Production Services: Light A Dim Pictures

For more behind the scenes go to

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