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David Lengel: Favorite Film as a Kid? Teenager? Now? | Sam Gall Movie Reviews

David Lengel ( “Phil Jones” in #WANDAVISION & a small role in #COMING2AMERICA ) was kind enough to answer a question I’ve been asking the world: What’s your favorite film as a kid? As a teenager? Favorite film now?

If you guys haven’t checked out Disney+’s & Marvel’s “WandaVision” or “Coming 2 America” (2021) on Amazon Prime, go get your “PHIL” now! ;)

David, thank you for making this video for me, you’re a true hero, an extremely talented individual whose work I CANNOT wait to see grow and develop. I hope one day I can interview you face to face, talk cinema, your career and chat your latest projects! If you ever want someone to nerd out about your awesome career you know where to find me! Seriously, check out his filmography guys, “WandaVision” & “Coming 2 America” are just his latest and greatest!

COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR ANSWERS! There’s no wrong or right answers, just have fun with it!

You can follow David Lengel on Instagram, Twitter & TickTock! @davidlengel

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