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"December Box" - Local Bath Box - December 7, 2021

Fun video I got to make with good friends @localbathbox 🧼🎥🎄Check it out if you can! Support local business ✌️Happy Holidays

REPOST: ✨Been singing this little jingle all week✨🎶We hope your holidays are filled with lots of music, laughter, and LOVE!


Thank you to our friends at @allegramusicacademy @raewillliams @axe_williamsmusic

for providing the sweet tunes, and for your work in mentoring the next generation of young musicians!


This Friday, 12/10 is the last chance to order your December Box sets! Featuring our signature crystal-inspired soaps, and some seriously top notch bath goods from local makers, including:

@naturalmystics805 Pine Bath Salts

@shopdusk Pine & Pyrite Candle

@bodteabombs Pine Bath Bomb

@organicfiji Peopermint Lip Balm

@gara_skincare Mint Geranium Hydrosol


Couldn’t do it without this small but mighty team! 🙏🏼

🎥: @samgallmoviereviews

🎬: @ryan.a.nichols

📍: @lori5cents

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