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"December Box" - Local Bath Box - December 7, 2021

Fun video I got to make with good friends @localbathbox 🧼🎥🎄Check it out if you can! Support local business ✌️Happy Holidays

REPOST: ✨Been singing this little jingle all week✨🎶We hope your holidays are filled with lots of music, laughter, and LOVE!


for providing the sweet tunes, and for your work in mentoring the next generation of young musicians!


This Friday, 12/10 is the last chance to order your December Box sets! Featuring our signature crystal-inspired soaps, and some seriously top notch bath goods from local makers, including:

@naturalmystics805 Pine Bath Salts

@shopdusk Pine & Pyrite Candle

@bodteabombs Pine Bath Bomb

@organicfiji Peopermint Lip Balm

@gara_skincare Mint Geranium Hydrosol


Couldn’t do it without this small but mighty team! 🙏🏼

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