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Film I Worked on 'The Revolution Generation' premieres today! April 22, 2022 🌎 Happy Earth Day!

Check out the new documentary '#TheRevolutionGeneration available ON DEMAND TODAY (April 22, 2022) to celebrate #EarthDay.

Had the pleasure of working on this film for about 3 years as a production coordinator, camera operator & more. It's changed a lot since I worked on it, but was a huge learning experience and lots of fun memories like getting to interview Shailene Woodley and Kenan Thompson and getting to go to New York for my very first time.

It's finally getting released now, having had screenings and festival runs (in select theaters now), it's gotten great reviews and already collecting someawards! Will share some behind the scenes of my journey working on this film soon!

Watch 'The Revolution Generation' (2022):

Read/Listen to the book 'The Revolution Generation' (2018):


Greenwich Entertainment Acquires ‘The Revolution Generation’ From Big Picture Ranch And Sustainable Films:

Ojai Film Festival:

Ojai Magazine:


Digital Journal Review: ‘The Revolution Generation’ is a compelling new documentary:

Raindance Film Festival — The Revolution Generation, Portrays An Effective Sociological Mosaic:


Red Nation Honors, The Joanelle Romero Humanitarian Award 'The Revolution Generation Rebecca Harrell Tickell and Josh Tickell'

WINNER - Los Angeles International Film Festival *Best Documentary Feature 2021

WINNER - Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival *Best Documentary

WINNER - DOC LA 2021 *Best Screenwriting

WINNER - DOC LA *Best Producer

WINNER - Crown Wood International Film Festival *Best Documentary Feature

WINNER - Los Angeles Independent Film Festival *Best Directed Documentary Feature 2021

WINNER - Hollywood Blvd Film Festival 2021 *Best Documentary

WINNER - Studio City Film Festival *Best Documentary Feature "The Revolution Generation"

WINNER - Open Window International Film Challenge *Best Documentary 2021

WINNER - Los Angeles Rocks Film Festival *Best Documentary/Feature 2021

WINNER - Los Angeles Cinematography Awards (LACA)) *Best Documentary

WINNER - Canadian Diversity Film Festival *Best Editing

WINNER - Docs Without Borders Film Festival *Best of Show

WINNER - Diversity Showcase 2021 *Best Feature

WINNER - Andromeda Film Festival 2021 *Best Production

WINNER - Vail Film Festival *Best Documentary

WINNER - Toronto Film Magazine Fest *Best Feature 2021

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