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Fortnite Chica Cup (Our 1st #Fortnite Tournament / Rachel's 1st Competitive Game)

Rachel & I competed in our very first Fortnite Tournament together on May 5 for the Chica Cup where you had the potential to win her exclusive in-game spray or in-game skin. Chica's been an inspirational streamer to both Rachel & I lately and is one of our favorite gamers to watch. It was an honor to be able to be a part of this beautiful celebration for this beautiful human.

Crazy we even won SOMETHING, got 10th place in 1/10 games for a total score and did decent in the others, but didn't make in the top 1300 for the icon skin early (it's now available in item shop). We also played NA East because we had tickets to go see Doctor Strange 2 at the time of the NA West one which would've been our region. Despite the turnout, we got the exclusive Chica in-game spray and had so much fun! She's a true inspiration!

Fortnite put out probably THE BEST mini-doc on Chica and tell her story and how her grandma, who passed away, got her name on the Chica in-game Pickaxe.

Use code CHICA to help support her - her icon skin is now available in the item shop.

Chica's Icon Skin:

Stories from the Battle Bus: Chica

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