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Fortnite Jan / Feb 2022 Highlights

Some highlight clips from some Fortnite games I’ve been playing. Like I mentioned before, I seriously just got this game for #SpiderMan and all the pop culture references it has and being I’m a movie, TV, comic, game & all around nerd, it’s way too much fun to see these IPs crossover. It’s also been a fun activity with my fiancee & have gotten to connect with old friends and new. Reminds me of when I used to play #CallofDuty back in the day.

Getting used to the sniping more in this. I’m still nerding out that all my guns have moving #TheMatrix skins that #BobaFett is wielding while thwipping with #SpiderMan ’s gloves while also wearing #Hawkeye ’s arrow sling… like how freaking cool is that? Anyways, more to come! Different games! Who knows! Stay tuned! What do you want to see me play?

(I was eating a bagel with an egg on it in the first clip if anyone was wondering)

Also can’t wait to post some clips as #FennicShand & #Krrsantan ;)

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