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Hot Rise | Ella's 30th Birthday

Hot Rise (Ella's Band) performs at her 30th birthday! This was a huge improvisation on my end! Irfan, bassist of "Hot Rise", was kind enough to invite me and I just happened to bring the camera. Turned into one of the best nights of my life!

Such inspiring, epic, and beautiful music from "Hot Rise" featuring Ella, Sage, Chris, Irfan & Adam. I'm not a massive music guy nor do I keep up with the music industry very well, but I could listen to this group all day, every day! Thank you all for letting me capture this magical night! Can't wait to share more experiences with you all! Wishing Ella a beautiful 30th year and many more!

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Instagram: @hot.rise / @ee_ella_ / @planetirf / @sagestoneman / @chazzybru


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