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“Infection” / “Infección” (2020) - Sam Gall’s Movie Review Issue #30 Gem Mint 10.0

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

“Infection” / “Infección” (2020) directed by Flavio Pedota

Film about an epidemic outbreak of a new rabies virus in Venezuela and a father trying to save his son from contagion.

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Coming in strong with Venezuela’s VERY FIRST zombie film!

Infection” (2020)

I’ve been waiting for this movie for years now. My wonderfully talented friend, Rubén Guevara, who I also had the pleasure of working with on our film “Loved Ones” along with Christopher Mychael Watson from the “Shazam” (2017) (short) review I did, stars as the lead in "Infection" (2020). I knew that Guevara had been working long and hard on this film before, during and after our film was made. He kept showing me cool behind the scenes from it. Just teasing me like crazy. Well, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the end result! This film is truly an accomplishment for all fronts involved.

Guevara shines as the strong lead and takes us on an emotional journey through the apocalypse. Everyone involved brought such a quality to the film. I could the feel strength and culture of the people through the screen. Guevara made me feel safe amongst the chaos. He has that confidence and it just shows. I know his character is sort of set up to be like that but Guevara really brought it home for me. The relationship with his son and dealing with grief really stood out in his performance. And he’s one helluva an action star too!

Rubén Guevara in “Infection” (2020)

As a big fan of the zombie genre, which I hope to throw my hat into the ring with one day, I absolutely loved this movie. It fits right in with all my zombie movie favorites from every Romero movie, to the Zack Snyder "Dawn of the Dead" (2004) remake, "28 Day Later" (2002) and "Train To Busan" (2016). What a crazy concept to open with for a zombie film. I’m used to your typical zombie opening but I was pleased at the unique origin they showed in the film. Just the fact that it was filmed in Venezuela makes it interesting especially for this genre.

Right off the bat, I was immediately impressed with the use of budget, the experimental quality of the filmmaking and overall just a KILLER zombie film! It was big, small and claustrophobic all when it needed to be. The makeup and effects I loved. The set pieces for this film are incredible! Hits all the action, drama, and horror for me and ranks right up with possibly being one of my favorite zombie films of all time.

Infection” (2020)

Not only does the film echo what’s going on now in the world but also was conceived long before the Zika epidemic in Venezuela. The difficulties it took to get this film made, especially just to film in Venezuela at the time, was alone a massive accomplishment. The film was shot in over 64 locations in Venezuela, cast and crew were protected by police during most of the shoot, low budget all during the time of shortages in the country. The creativity and hard work around their restrictions shines throughout brilliantly.

Infection” (2020)

Sadly the film was banned in Venezuela due to its stand politically and socially but has been screening independently across Venezuela in brave defiance including winning awards and being seen throughout the world. I can only hope this film continues to gain support and love. It’s truly a wonderful addition to the cult genre of zombies and Venzuela cinema. I commend everyone involved in making this film come alive!

Stick around for the credits :)

Written by Sam Gall 08/02/20

CGC Grading: Gem Mint 10.0

Official Trailer:

Here’s a really awesome behind the scenes video that gives you some more insight into what it took to make this film. This was during production for their kickstarter campaign to help finish the film’s massive visual effect shots:

Behind The Scenes Kickstarter Video:

Watch for free with Amazon Prime or rent for $4.99 or buy for $12.99:

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