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Intergenerational Family Trauma in 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'

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HUGE CONGRATS to @everythingeverywheremovie for 7 Oscar wins including best picture!! 🎊


This movie was so affirming in my journey to heal my own intergenerational family trauma that I even wrote a review you can catch a sneak peek of below! ❤️‍🔥


“Everything Everywhere All At Once Helps Break the Cycle of Intergenerational Trauma in Migrant Families” ⬇️


…Everything Everywhere All At Once is a beautiful, raw, & life-changing masterpiece of a film that explores intergenerational trauma through the lens of migration & queerness.


The film’s protagonist Evelyn is an overworked middle age Chinese migrant woman who discovers that she is the savior of the multiverse.


Beneath Evelyn’s attempt to defeat evil across every conceivable reality, the film sheds light on her fractured relationship w/ her queer daughter Joy.


Evelyn’s internalized oppression & attempt to control Joy stems from her experiences of migration, racism, sexism, classism, & from her struggles w/ her own father.


BIPOC who have migrated/been forced to the U.S. & their descendants are vulnerable to intergenerational trauma due to the legacies of colonialism & imperialism.


The violent circumstances that cause migration give rise to unhealed trauma, toxic family dynamics, & assimilation into yt supremacist cis-heteropatriarchy.

Joy represents a millennial queer child of migrants who struggles to find the balance between resisting intergenerational trauma (via embracing her identity) but also her very real desire for familial acceptance & pressure to live up to her family’s sacrifices.

The film provides a nuanced understanding of how trauma functions generationally & that multiple truths can exist at once.


(i.e. Joy can hold Evelyn accountable for her toxic behavior, & she can be grateful for her sacrifice in ensuring the family’s survival.)

#EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce reminds us that it is possible to build a world where we validate each other’s trauma, unlearn internalized oppression, practice communication skills, & believe in each other’s ability to transform…

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