This picture was probably when I was around 12 or 13 in like 2003 or 2004. 'Jackass' has had an impact on my life in more ways that I can tell you. If you like my visual work AT ALL, you have to give credit to 'Jackass' genius, Rick Kosick, who was incredible with a camera when filming those insane antics! That man knew where and when things were happening and shaped my look on the world in more ways than I may be proud of.

Nonetheless, I NEVER thought I'd get another 'Jackass' film in my lifetime, let alone with the majority of the cast. I couldn't be happier.

RIP Ryan Dunn. Thanks for stopping to take a picture with me at the premiere of 'Jackass 3.5". Wish it came out a little better, but I'll never forget how far you ran back from your car to take this photo with me. Meant the world.

There are so many more 'Jackass' stories to tell... but I wanted to just celebrate the new film as much I could. Another time, another tale.

Ryan Dunn (left) & Sam Gall (right) at the exclusive premiere of "Jackass 3.5" (2011)

This film coming out means more to me than anything. They're the best. They were my family in a weird way. They were my friends. Thank you all the laughs, getting me through tough times, and for inspiring me to capture the beauty in life and in the little moments! 'Jackass' will always be forever in my heart. #JackassForever

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