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Jess Wade Makes 1,750 Wikipedia bios for women scientists to give due recognition

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On a whim, Jess Wade typed out her first Wikipedia page five years ago. It was a biography of Kim Cobb, an American climatologist who — despite earning several scientific accolades — had never been written about on the popular online encyclopedia.

“I met her at a science event, and I was massively impressed,” said Wade, 33, a British physicist, who, after a quick search online, was stunned to see that Cobb had no profile on the public platform.

Wade had stumbled into something she found troubling: Cobb was one of countless deserving women whose names — and lengthy list of achievements — had yet to be chronicled on Wikipedia, the go-to site for an estimated 2 billion people a month who are seeking information about individuals, ideas and topics large and small.

So, since 2017, Wade has written more than 1,750 Wikipedia pages for women and minority scientists and engineers whose accomplishments were not documented on the site.

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@goodnews_movement also said:

London-based physicist Jessica Wade who advocates for gender equality in STEM has written more than 1600 entries, not only to give due recognition but also to encourage young women to pursue careers in tech, math, science & engineering.

Wade, 33, received an invitation to Buckingham Palace to receive the British Empire Medal and a citation from Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.

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