"Kiss the Ground" (2020) - Sam Gall's Production Diary (2015-2020)

Updated: Jan 12

"Kiss the Ground" (2020) Feature Documentary - Sept 22 Netflix Premiere

I’m so excited to be able to share with you all “Kiss the Ground” (2020), by Big Picture Ranch (Directors Josh Tickell & Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Narrated by Woody Harrelson) that premieres TODAY (Sept. 22, also my birthday which is pretty cool) on Netflix and various VOD platforms. I worked on this film from 2015-2018. It’s been in the works for over 7 years with an incredible crew of people who helped bring it together. I worked on the film as production coordinator, w/additional cinematography and helped out with post production. It’s been an amazing and informative journey to be a part of. I’ve learned so much, met the most wonderful people and got to tell an important story for the world.

So, in small celebration, I wanted to share my “Behind the Scenes Production Diary” of photos and videos of my experience on “Kiss the Ground” from 2015-2018. Check it out below:

"Kiss the Ground" (2020)

Director: Josh Tickell & Rebecca Harrell Tickell

Company: Big Picture Ranch

Narrator: Woody Harrelson

Cinematographer: Simon Balderas

Writer: Johnny O'Hara, Josh Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell

Producer: Josh Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Alexa Coughlin, Darius Fisher

Editor: Anthony Ellison, Darius Fisher, Sean P. Keenan, Moment Lu, Ryan A. Nichols

Additional Cinematography: Miles Kelly, Jose Babcock, Sam Gall

Production Coordinator: Sam Gall

Starring: Ian Somerholder, Rosario Dawson, Rylan Engelhart, Doniga Markegard, Gabe Brown, Ray Archuletta, David Arquette, Amy Smart, Gisele Bundchen, Jason Mraz and more!





Official Trailer:

SAM GALL'S BEHIND THE SCENES "Kiss the Ground" (2020):




"Kiss the Ground" - NOVEMBER 9, 2015:

My first day out on a shoot as production coordinator on "Kiss the Ground" for an interview with soil scientist Dr. Christine Jones with Josh Tickell and Simon Balderas. We also had some time for a little location scouting in the video below.

"Kiss the Ground" - JANUARY 29, 2016:

Miles Kelly and I got to take the RED Epic out for some drought sign shots in Ojai, CA. It was Miles' first day at Big Picture Ranch.

"Kiss the Ground" - FEBRUARY 11, 2016:

Miles Kelly and I taking the RED Epic up the 5 freeway to shoot BROLL drought signs.

"Kiss the Ground" - MARCH 11, 2016:

That time I got to go to the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim and felt very cool with this lanard. We got to interview André Leu and I was scheduled to drive him from the hotel (after the interview) back to the Convention Center at Anaheim so he could give his speech on the panel he was scheduled to do... Well, it was just him and I in the car and getting ready to head back for his speech and it started raining. Being as we were in Anaheim the Disney park shut down and EVERYONE began to leave in their cars and we were almost slowed down to a halt. I was panicking looking for any way around the traffic but Leu was calm even though he was the one with the panel to talk at. We SOMEHOW made it with 4 minutes to spare and as André Leu got out the car I apologized for the ride as he turned around and said jokingly, "It was the scenic route!" and walked calmly off to his convention panel. Thank you, André Leu, for being so kind to me in a moment of stress! I will never forget it!

Josh Tickell & Simon Balderas

André Leu

"Kiss the Ground" - APRIL 13, 2016:

Some early archival footage work I was doing on "Kiss the Ground" at Big Picture Ranch.

"Kiss the Ground" - APRIL 21, 2016:

Set out to shoot some sunset timelapses in Ojai, CA with the RED Epic w/Miles Kelly & Jordan Horn.

"Kiss the Ground" - APRIL 22, 2016:

Getting some B-Roll in my beautiful hometown of Ojai, CA for "Kiss the Ground" with Miles Kelly and Jordan Zweig.

"Kiss the Ground" - APRIL 27, 2016:

Thanks to Josh Tickell for letting me test out all the new gear we got and help build it. Canon C300 Mark II. I also built that camera rack on the left for the Ranch. That may have actually been my first assignment when I was an intern haha.

"Kiss the Ground" - APRIL 29, 2016:

When Big Picture Ranch got a DJI Inspire 1 Pro and Sean P. Keenan (Lead Editor) and I got to build and test it out :)

"Kiss the Ground" - MAY 2, 2016:

Interviewing Joe Del Bosque in Firebaugh, CA for the big drought section of the film. Fun shoot.

"Kiss the Ground" - MAY 3, 2016:

Shooting and reviewing footage later with Josh Tickell, Simon Balderas and Miles Kelly. Doing some crazy DIT daisy chains back there with my laptop. Interviewed Michelle Sneed.

"Kiss the Ground" - MAY 4, 2016:

More of the drought shoot up in Porterville, CA with director Josh Tickell, cinematographer Simon Balderas and cam op Miles Kelly.

"Kiss the Ground" - MAY 5, 2016:

Drone shoot with Donna Johnson showing us some places to fly the camera.

"Kiss the Ground" - MAY 6, 2016:

Donna Johnson interview. Our last subject before we wrapped the drought section shoot.