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"Kiss the Ground" - Behind the Scenes w/Rosario Dawson & Alexa Coughlin | Sam Gall (Film Work)

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Me, Rosario Dawson, and Alexa Coughlin on the “Kiss the Ground” film narrated by Woody Harrelson (Nov 14, 2017)! Available on Netflix! Stay around for the credits to see Rosario and I 😜 Worked on this film from 2015-2018. More to come.

Alexa Coughlin (left), Sam Gall (middle) & Rosario Dawson (right) promoting "Kiss the Ground" (2020) film & book by Josh Tickell & Rebecca Harrell Tickell! Nov 14, 2017

Sam Gall (left) & Rosario Dawson (right) on "Kiss the Ground" (2020) - Nov 14, 2017

That's me! "Kiss the Ground" (2020) credits w/Rosario Dawson


Production Coordinator Diary / Press Log

Rosario Dawson:

Alexa Coughlin:

Sam Gall (Film Work) - YouTube:





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