"Last Light" Sci-Fi Short: BTS Photos (A7sIII)

Wow such an honor! Had the incredible opportunity this past weekend of getting to work on Greg Schroeder’s Sci-Fi short; “Last Light”.

Got to meet and work with some outstandingly talented people! Gorgeous location! Learned so much! Such a blast! Can’t wait for you all to see it! My A7siii came just in time to take a few photos! Enjoy!


"After completing production on LAST LIGHT as writer/director this past weekend, the biggest takeaway for me is that I’m impressed. Our plan was very ambitious. We aimed to shoot a sci-fi short with 18 scenes in 2 days, with a small scale budget and a skeleton crew, at a distant location, while adhering to COVID protocols. Plus, of course, we also were striving to maximize the quality of performances and production value while maintaining a positive set environment. Also, I was learning by doing as this was my first time directing professionally. On paper, trying all of that at once sounds crazy, and borderline unachievable.

But it worked, and not just because we prepped well. Everyone involved with this project had a great attitude, worked well together and stayed positive throughout the shoot. What looked like a daunting task during an uncertain time was met with optimism and determination, a feeling of “we can do this” that was expressed openly by the crew. I feel lucky to have made this movie at a beautiful place with a team of talented people, and I’ll be working with the post-production team to complete a film worthy of everyone’s efforts. I’m looking forward to presenting LAST LIGHT later this year, and feeling very grateful overall.

(📸: @_michaeljosephperry & @samgallmoviereviews )"

LAST LIGHT Writer/Director: Greg Schroeder Producers: Maxwell Morro & Erik Wead Cinematographer: Silvia Lara Production Designer: Nicole Gellman Editor: Arndt Werling Cast: Ian Coleman, Hannah McBryde, Landon Tavernier Set Dressing/Props: Kathryn Forrest 1st AC: Bilal Karaman 2nd AC/DIT: Selena Webb Gaffer: Aakash Raj Key Grip: Leonel Escobar Swing: Kishan Patel Steadicam: Jose Babcock Production Sound Mixer: Robbie McLean Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe: Maurie Davidson BTS/Camera Production Assistant: Michael Perry Production Assistants: Sam Gall & Alex Schmidt Assistant Editor: Skylar Zhang COVID-19 Compliance Officer: Ernest E. Cornish

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