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Marilyn Ghigliotti Interview | 28th Anniversary for "Clerks" 1994) | Sam Gall Movie Reviews

Marilyn Ghigliotti is best known for her role as "Veronica" in Kevin Smith's "Clerks" (1994) as well his "Jay & Silent Bob: Reboot" (2019) film. She's also slated to star in his upcoming "Clerks III".

- How'd you get the role of 'Veronica'?

- Favorite set memory on "Clerks"?

- How'd Kevin Smith direct you?

- Getting the call for "Reboot"?

- How's "Clerks III" coming along?

- Fav film as a kid? As a teen? Now?

Marilyn, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! Means the world! Appreciate you doing this for your fans! Hope I can interview you for real one day face to face! Such inspiring answers! I'm so honored, your character, the film, has meant so much to me and my life.

Felt appropriate to share this on "Clerks" (1994)'s 28th Anniversary! Congrats everyone!

You can follow Marilyn Ghigliotti: @marilynghigliotti

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What was YOUR favorite film as a kid? Teen? Now? Put your answers in the comments below!

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