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Marilyn Ghigliotti | Interview | Actor "CLERKS III" / "JAY AND SILENT BOB: REBOOT" / "CLERKS"

Sharing this again because I'm so excited for 'Clerks III' which is finally on the way!

Marilyn Ghigliotti is an actor best known for her role as 'Veronica' in Kevin Smith's "Clerks" (1994), "Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot" (2019) & the upcoming "Clerks III" (TBA).

Marilyn was kind enough to chat about what it was like getting the role and what it was like on "Clerks"! Congrats on getting the official green light on "Clerks III"! I hope the filming went well! Can't wait to see it! Check out her awesome answers in the video!

"How'd you get the role of 'Veronica'?"

"Fav set memory on 'Clerks'?"

"How'd Kevin Smith direct you?"

"Getting the call for 'Reboot'?"

"How's 'Clerks III' coming along?"

"Favorite film as a kid? Teen? Now?"

Means the world you took the time to answer these! So inspiring! Hope one day to cross paths with you in person or collaborate in some way! Sending my best!

Follow Marilyn Ghigliotti:@marilynghigliotti

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