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Modern Warfare II Campaign Early Access | Part 1

Tried out the early access campaign / story mode for 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II' slated for an October 28th release. Initially put it on hardened then switched to normal, just wasn't fun playing that way. Don't care for the military heavy story at all nor do I agree with it, but again, it's 'Call of Duty' what should I expect.. That's just not what I'm really here for.

Little too realistic at times, I like my games when they're less believable.. Growing up, my love for CoD was always in the unbelievable aspects of it and just the FPS base gameplay that I enjoyed. Multiplayer was always and will always be where I'll play, but until that's released, early access Campaign will do. Treating it as a warm-up for when they do release multiplayer. Trolling, trick shots, competitive gameplay & calling out racists etc. all to come soon :)

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