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Modern Warfare II Open Beta Xbox Day 2 Highlights (Sept 23)

Day 2 of the #MWII Open Beta on Xbox. They added S&D, ran into a racist piece of trash (and NO that's NOT just 'COD' for ya, it's racism, and anyone who disagrees can kindly leave). Will be calling this shit out regularly because this is NOT OKAY - people literally think because it's 'shit talk' or 'cod' they can be 'racist' or 'homophobic' stop making up new words to call them and saying it's okay that's the most ignorant shit I've ever seen.

I cannot believe the amount of people who came onto my TikTok and said 'It's just Call of Duty' grow up. Been playing CoD long enough to know this shit is fucking old. You racists can grow up. The community can do better. The company could do more. But if you talk like this in a game with me - I will add it to the list and block you. Don't tell me to just mute all. Just stop being racist / offensive. You can get competitive, you can get angry, you can have fun - all without offensive / racist / homophobic etc. You can 'shit talk', but don't be fucking racist?

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