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What's Your Favorite film as a kid? As a teen? Favorite film now? | Sam Gall Movie Reviews

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

What was your FAVORITE FILM as a KID?

Favorite film as a TEENAGER?

Favorite film NOW?

I got the idea for this strange triple-punch question back in December 2019 when HBO’s “Silicon Valley” & “Deadpool” 1 & 2 star; T.J. Miller was doing a live Q&A on Twitter.

As a cinephile, who just can’t help but speak in movies, I came up with that on the spot as a way to get to know some of T.J’s influence in hopes of it being something short, fun and a way to get to know someone, but also a way for people to reflect on themselves (their own taste) and see how it’s changed (or hasn’t) over the years.

I also, in my own experience, have never been able to pick ONE film.. to rule them all, lol so I tried to leave room for us all to have a few in there that sort of summarize our path across life so far.

No wrong answers, no right answers, just have fun with it and be honest to yourself. If it’s all the same movie that’s okay too! Got some very exciting quests who were kind enough to partake in answering of which I will share with you throughout the upcoming months. If I've collected enough answers from people in the industry I'd like to put it into a book one day! I had recently heard a guy put all of Trump's deleted tweets into a book and thought that was hilarious. This would be for cinephiles, something for me to look back on and a nice little booklet of movie inspiration.

So now begins a fun new series that I hope you all partake in! Watch out! I might tag some of you shy guys! 🙈 🎬 Go crazy in the comments! Let’s nerd out & get nostalgic!

See pictures attached for my answers or go to

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