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MWII Open Beta Xbox Day 4 (LAST DAY BETA/Overall Review)

Like the OpTic guys said on their latest podcast ep 92.. It needs some change for sure, but I feel like they're simple fixes for them and could make it a really fun game, but right now.. nah. Back to trolling on the other CoDs for now.

OpTic Podcast w Hitch, Scump, Shotzzy


- TIME TO KILL way too fast (feels like hardcore, but it isn't?)

- MINIMAP radar fix to way it used to be (though honestly didn't notice that too much, but again was just the beta and hard to tell anything)

- SLIDE CANCELING, just make it like the other CoDs movement instead of making us learn new ways to break your game/break our hands

- DEAD SILENCE needs to be added, everything is played around waiting for Deady, sound listening for footsteps, and creates a camping like play style especially for S&D

- ANIMATIONS for reloading and killstreaks needs to be faster

- PERK SYSTEM creates more waiting in-game / camping gameplay. Everyone's literally just waiting for their perks/upgrades IN-GAME

- GUN RANKING SYSTEM was not clear, only SORT OF figured it out on the last day. I don't get why you need to change the fundamentals of CoD, that's what we liked about it

- JUST BEING A BETA it's hard to tell what they DID NOT show us, so my wish for more funny EXECUTIONS could change but probably be things we have to purchase

- MAKE IT LESS REALISTIC it's a video game. The more realistic the less fun it is to play.

- PERSONALIZATION felt lacking, but again it's a beta so who knows

- FUN / UNREALISTIC stuff like melee weapons or silly costumes. Like the executions are way too realistic - hence making it not as fun for me personally.

- KILLSTREAKS are kinda ridiculous / that CAMERA thing as we see in the clip above/DRONE thing

- CHAT please allow reports for abusive words, why do you let these idiots say whatever they want through their mics and make US have to mute them constantly? Just add report verbal abuse, everyone is streaming now, it's not that hard to expose these idiots (although i just heard they might be setting something up where you can send a clip to report people now)


- MAPS are fine, don't think I have favorites (again, it's a beta, so we only saw like 4 maps)

- GUNPLAY is decent/fun like MW (but time to kill does play a huge factor, it's less satisfying when it's shorter, the hitmarker sounds are like adrenaline fuel, that's what I go to CoD for - as said by Rambo Ray (OpTic Competitive Coach))

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