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"Palm Springs" (2020) - Sam Gall's Movie Review Issue #4 Gem Mint 10.0

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

"Palm Springs" (2020) directed by Max Barbekow

"When carefree Nyles and reluctant maid of honor Sarah have a chance encounter at a Palm Springs wedding, things get complicated as they are unable to escape the venue, themselves, or each other."

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Andy Samberg & Cristina Milioti in "Palm Springs" (2020)

"Palm Springs" was the perfect treat I needed. I always watch whatever Andy Samberg and his now Lonely Island film company, they produced TV shows like Hulu's "PEN15" (2019-) and Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" (2020-), and most of Andy Samberg's films like "Hot Rod" (2007) & "Popstar: Never Stop Stopping" (2016).

Cristina Milioti in "Palm Springs" (2020)

Cristini Milioti was another in for me who I was a fan of her work particularly in Black Mirror's "USS Callister" Season 4 Episode 4. I knew her from other small things like "The Sopranos", "Wolf of Wall Street" (2013) but never anything that stood out to me as much as "USS Callister" in Black Mirror. After that premiered I new she'd be a rising star.

This film snuck into my life pretty quickly. From watching the trailer to actually seeing the film. Ironically I had completely forgotten the trailer by the time we plopped down to watch this but knew going in that I wanted some Andy Samberg in my life.

Without giving too much away it's like Groundhog Day (1993) meets an episode from Black Mirror (2011-) or The Twilight Zone (1959). It's a raunchy, heartfelt, raw, bat-shit crazy rom-com. I loved every minute of it.

Director Max Barbekow (left) was & J.K. Simmons (right) on the set of "Palm Springs" (2020)

J.K. Simmons shines as always in this crazy world of a film they created. It's really great to see him reunited with Samberg. Cristina Milioti is my new favorite star, Andy Samberg continues to impress. You get the silly side of him that feels warm, comfortable and familiar and then you get a whole other side I'd never really seen with him. I can't wait to see what he does next.

The film echoed similarities of Charlie McDowell's "The One I Love" (2014), I think fans of this film would really enjoy "The One I Love" (2014).

Andy Samberg & Cristina Milioti in "Palm Springs" (2020)

A touching, laugh-out-loud movie about redemption, honesty, love and so much more. I urge people to check out the TV shows they produced on Hulu and Netflix "Pen15" (2019-) and Never Have I Ever (2020-). The Lonely Island, who came from being SNL's personal rap group, has come a long way. They're really supporting and finding these beautiful stories. Up there for me with "The King of Staten Island" (2020) of the best films of 2020.

Written by Sam Gall on 07/11/20

CGC Grading: Gem Mint 10.0

Official Trailer for "Palm Springs" (2020):

Currently a Hulu exclusive (will update when there is a rental elsewhere)

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