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Picking Up "Batman: Three Jokers" Book #1 at "Endgame Comics & Collectibles" Ventura, CA 10/14/20

Can't wait to read this bad boy. Been hearing a lot of great things about this one. Haven't picked up any NEW issues in awhile. Was nice to hit the comic shops (safely) again.

"Batman: Three Jokers" Book #1 (2020) by Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson

Literally know nothing about this story. Excited to go in dark. Just love the cover(s) (only seen the first two out of three so far) I love the concept my mind comes up with when I hear "Three Jokers". Will check back in with a review (hopefully of all three) if I end up loving it!

Stopped by "Endgame Comics & Collectibles" (previously "Hypno Comics") in Ventura, CA which I hadn't been to in awhile. Loved their new setup they're working on! Thanks for helping me out and being so kind! As you guys always are over there! Check 'em out below if you haven't already!

"Endgame Comics & Collectibles" 1803 E. Main St. Ventura, CA 93001


Instagram: @endgamecomicsandcollectibles


T-Rex. What more could you need? "Endgame Comics & Collectibles" in Ventura, CA.

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