Got COVID, Lost Ma Job (RE-POST from 1/7/21)

Got COVID, Lost Ma Job (RE-POST from 1/7/21)

Well, that was short lived. I knew I was on for seasonal Target Electronics (with the chance of being kept on) but would’ve been nice if I had known when my time there would be ending. Got tested positive for #COVID, most likely from #Target, along with my fiancé, called in to tell them and they just said “Did you know your last day was today anyways?”. Nope. Thanks though.

What hurt most was I didn’t get to say goodbye to the friends I made there. Some truly amazing people that I hope I still get to have in my life. Got to tap into my old sponsored gamer side while I was there (GT: Sambofuzzy), brush up on all the new electronics, holiday rushes, 3am shifts, got to see the new #XboxSeriesX & #PS5 shopping craze, #Cyberpunk2077 drama, dealing with sales & coupons constantly, my favorite thing was movie organizing (it was hilarious how many people returned the #Prancer DVD), so many walks of life I got to see, helping families find what they need, lots of laughs and good times. But again, I will truly miss those co-workers who helped train me, make me laugh, feel accepted and part of the gang.

Now I got COVID and no job. If anyone needs any remote/editing work done, hit me up. Or when I’ve quarantined long enough/gotten better, hit me up for some real work. In the meantime, will try and write some reviews if I can and get some more content out for my website;

Hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy 💙 This thing is real and I got it.

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