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"Red Rocket" (2021)

Director: Sean Baker

Writer: Sean Baker, Chris Bergoch

Starring: Simon Rex, Bree Elrod, Brenda Deiss, Suzanna Son, Ethan Darbone, Brittany Rodriguez

Rated: R for strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and pervasive language

Runtime: 2h 10m

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Country: United States

Language: English

Available on: Various VOD platforms

"Mikey Saber is a washed-up porn star who returns to his small Texas hometown, not that anyone really wants him back."

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Simon Rex in 'Red Rocket' (2021)

I briefly read the synopsis before watching this one and didn’t think I knew anyone in it, though I realized after our leading man was the guy from the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise; Simon Rex which I kind of loved. I knew it was the director of ‘Tangerine’ & ‘The Florida Project’ which excited me, but I really wasn’t sure what I was in for.

Simon Rex (left) & Suzanna Son (right) in 'Red Rocket' (2021)

Similar to ‘Power of the Dog’, I was worried that maybe this was someone we were supposed to look up to and I quickly realized no and every character around him knew that. Unlike ‘Nobody’ starring Bob Odenkirk which seems to just glorify psychopaths to a degree. The one thing I felt that didn’t get called out enough was of course the age difference thing and the creepiness of it all. I’m sure she’s over 18, but I’m NOT trying to imagine a 17 year old naked if that makes sense which I felt the film did and sort of sexualized.

Simon Rex (left) & Ethan Darbone (right) in 'Red Rocket' (2021)

Yes, it’s from his perspective and that’s part of the industry sadly too, but I just didn’t think it was called out enough. I do think it’s a side of a culture that doesn’t get its perspective shown enough, and the problems maybe with our country that lead to us looking for other ways of making money.

Suzanna Son did do an incredible job, especially with that one song she sang near the end! Bree Elrod and Brenda Deiss were the best pair of the year! Brittany Rodriguez (June) and her mom were my favorite characters and we got to see so many sides of the whole family over there. Ethan Darbone did wonderful, everyone involved really!

Brenda Deiss (left), Simon Rex (middle) & Bree Elrod (right) in 'Red Rocket' (2021)

Beautifully shot, some great long takes and just feels realer than real at times in all the best ways. This really was a surprisingly good film about an adult film star struggling who’s, let’s be honest here, is just utterly awful yet I can’t turn away. Maybe not for all, but if you’re willing, check out ‘Red Rocket’.

Written by Sam Gall on Dec 21, 2021

CGC Grading: Gem Mint 10.0

"The film's ambivalence is its strength -- leaving us room to be seduced by its deluded anti-hero, and to share his entrancement with his sleazy American dream." - Jake Wilson, The Age (Australia)

"I miss quieter movies with their slow-build character studies. Watching director Sean Baker's Red Rocket, a portrait of fictional aging porn actor Mikey Saber (Simon Rex), was a reminder of how great those can be." - Alessa Dominguez, BuzzFeed News

"Baker's film has little interest in hand-wringing over the morals of a clearly despicable character, offering instead a fascinatingly non-judgmental... depiction of a man willing to steamroll everyone around him in the pursuit of a better life." - Shaun Munro, Flickering Myth

"Deserves extensive analysis by anyone trying to understand the current state of America and where to go from here." - Matt Pais, MattPais.com

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