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Shawn R. Ashmore ("The Boys"/"X-Men") Twitter Post

Can’t believe Shawn Ashmore actually saw this. He was my hero growing up.

The 'X-Men' films were my introduction to my entire fascination with comic book films and comic books in general. Shawn Ashmore as 'Bobby Drake' aka 'Iceman' was my childhood favorite.

When they finished the 'X-Men' trilogy with “The Last Stand” (2006) I thought I’d never see them again especially Shawn Ashmore / Bobby Drake. 7 years later in 2013 in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” came out I got to see the original cast of the X-Men together again. The opening sequence brought chills (no pun intended) to me when I was sitting in the theater and Bobby Drake came swooping in shooting ice blasts I hadn’t seen for 7 years. It was the "Avengers: Endgame" (2019) before "Avengers: Endgame" (2019) for me.

So when episode 5 of Season 2 dropped of "The Boys" and I saw Shawn Ashmore I almost lost my shit. Seeing him in another superhero story got me so excited again.. but when I saw who they made him in "The Boys"... when he pulled out that lighter.. I jumped out of my f*cking seat and cheered! Shawn Ashmore not only gets an awesome role on the hottest show (again, no pun intended) around but he gets to play with FIRE. The polar opposite of his old role’s trademark power. It was like he came full circle in the greatest way possible. It’s like getting to see an actor who played Jesus all their life finally get to play the Devil at the end of their career.

Strange analogy, I know, but getting to see this happen over my lifetime and how "The Boys" brilliantly cast Shawn Ashmore was everything I didn’t know I needed.

Shawn R. Ashmore as "Lamplighter" (left) / 'Bobby Drake' aka "Iceman" (right)

Thank you so much for checking out and liking my post Shawn Ashmore. It means the world. I can barely begin to express how much you and your work as affected my life. Thank you

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