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“The Oregonian“ (2011)

Director: Calvin Reeder

Writer: Calvin Reeder

Starring: Lindsay Pulsipher, Robert Longstreet, Lynne Compton, Roger Mayer, Barlow Jacobs, Matt Olsen, Christo Dimassis, Tipper Newton, Zumi Rosow, Scott Honea, Jed Maheu

Rated: Not Rated (but I'd give it an R for violence and disturbing images)

Runtime: 1h 21min

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Country: USA

Language: English

A woman leaves the farm and enters the unknown.

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Lindsay Pulsipher in "The Oregonian" (2011)

I first heard about this horror gem when I had met both director Calvin Lee Reeder and actor Lindsay Pulsipher on the set of “Sleepwalking” (2010). They both had been excited about another film they had partially shot in Ojai and told me to look out for it!

I wanted to watch it for them of course but I was also a fan of horror and freaky sh*t. This might be the king of freaky sh*t. In the best way possible! I know I had watched it by myself first because what I do remember clearly is running around and showing all my friends who were not at all prepared for what I was about to show them. To this day, it still scars them.

I commend the mind of Calvin Lee Reeder. He no doubt shows me something I’ve never seen before and somehow cannot forget. As horror packed as some of his films can be, there is a genius sense of humor I feel behind it. He takes my mind on a visual rollercoaster so strange yet I can’t turn away. His concepts alone I cannot even fathom.

Lindsay Pulsipher in "The Oregonian" (2011)

Lindsay Pulsipher, having also met at the same time as Calvin, was wonderful in this film! I’d gotten an early preview of her talent, and Calvin’s, when working on “Sleepwalking” (2010) and have truly grown to love both of their work over the years. Lindsay’s done a mountain of work since I met her ranging from, my personal favorite, HBO's “True Blood” which she had initially told me about. She mentioned she was in the upcoming season so I immediately went home and watched the first episode and was hooked!

The Oregonian” (2011), without giving too much away, is a woman’s journey through a hell like no other. The sickness of men and of running from your past. I love the imagery, it added a whole layer of atmosphere I didn't know I needed. The way they used sound. It’s beautiful in its uniqueness. I’ve truly never seen a human being, or anything for that matter, urinate a rainbow colored stream of piss. That was new for me.

Lindsay Pulsipher in "The Oregonian" (2011)

I’d hate to steal this but it was so damn good, I just heard someone say this in a YouTube comment somewhere but they described this film as “Alice in Wonderland Finds Herself in Hell”. That could not be MORE of an intriguing concept to me. It’s one helluva ride and could potentially scare the sh*t out of you and your friends! I’m not a rollercoaster fan but I feel like horror movies are my kind of rides. So if you want one that takes you on a twisted spin; check out “The Oregonian” (2011)

Here was my EARLY 'review' of "The Oregonian" (2011) back in January of 2014 that I sent to Lindsay Pulsipher. See what I sent below as well her very kind response 💙:

Hey Lindsay! I just got a chance to see "The Oregonian". 

Wow! Amazing! I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was sort of in the horror genre but I was blown away by the arty style and uniqueness it had. I loved you in it! Haha although I did feel bad you had to have blood on your face most of the time but seemed like a real fun shoot! 

Great direction, loved how it was shot. Good ol' vintage feel. I noticed a few scenes/shots were in Ojai am I correct? Did you guys film this after "Sleepwalking" or get in a few shots while you were here?

Anyways, terrific jobs on both you and Calvin's! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disturbed from it haha but I think that's what you guys were trying to achieve. It was nothing like I had ever seen. But very interesting and unique which is what drew me in. Great visuals and style. I feel bad having not seen it earlier and I have "The Rambler" lined up next! Can't wait! I feel honored to have met the real oregonian ;) Keep up the good work! 

- Sam Gall (Jan 20, 2014)

Sam! I am so sorry I am just now getting back to you. Thanks so much for the kind words regarding the Oregonian. It is a super disturbing film - which I love! But honestly, thank you for watching and letting me know. Did you brave the Rambler? It's pretty messed up too...Calvin is a weird dude. !

Yes, we shot some of the Oregonian in Ojai at -----'s house.  All of the farm stuff was shot up there. We actually shot it a few months before Sleep Walking, but we met ----- through ----. : )

Thanks again for watching and being so supportive!!!

Hope you are doing well!!

- Lindsay Pulsipher (Feb 4, 2014)

P.S. Have had the lovely pleasure of getting to keep in touch with the dear Lindsay Pulsipher over the years, who on top of acting, has a beautiful little painting habit and I had to get myself a piece.

Here was her very sweet response to me receiving this piece:

Sam! I am so happy you like the li'l painting. I have been having a wonderful time expanding my li'l dudes into li'l villages. I was looking at a travel blog, and came upon a post about a tiny village in the Italian Riviera called Riomaggiore. I was in awe of all the bright colors of the water and the buildings, that are built right into the side of a seaside cliff. It's a stunning place, and I was inspired to incorporate the li'l villages into my own drawings and paintings...

So happy you dig it, & thank you again for supporting my habit! :)))

- Lindsay Pulsipher (Jan 11, 2016)

Written by Sam Gall on 10/17/20

CGC Grading: Gem Mint 10.0

"Writer-director Calvin Lee Reeder, making his feature debut, isn't interested in satisfying the conventional expectations of an audience." - Chuck Wilson, Village Voice

"Reeder has a feel for the indelibly creepy; some of the visions he conjures felt like the kinds of nightmares I might have in my nightmares." - Eugene Novikov, Film Blather

"Every frame of the film had a purpose, and that purpose was to unsettle. Mission accomplished." - J Hurtado, ScreenAnarchy

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