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#TheFalconandTheWinterSoldier Homework / Collection

#TheFalconandTheWinterSoldier Homework / Collection

Groundbreaking in storytelling, filmmaking, and setting a new bar for television.. Giving us a whole new outlook on what means to be #CaptainAmerica.

@kari.skogland’s pulsating action, #MalcolmSpellman’s truth and tenacity in his storytelling, are a duo of sheer talent! #AnthonyMackie and #SebestianStan get the breathing room their characters deserve, so many surprises, rich comic book history (deep cuts as #KevinSmith says), and a whole lotta fun! Phenomenal.. The #MCU knows how to stay fresh and break its own walls.

#WyattRussell was already an up and coming favorite of mine, but holy sh** did he hit the jackpot with this show.

Only 3 episodes in, 3 episodes left I cannot wait for what happens next!

Available now on @disneyplus

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