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This Is Baby Girl

I was really inspired when I saw Dominic Fike’s / Brockhampton’s video ‘This Is Dominic Fike’ where they completely improvised a one take music video and I fell in love with that idea and wanted to try something spontaneous and unexpected like that and decided to use one of my walks with my cat as the ultimate idea. I certainly don’t have the skill of that one take wonder they did, but I did love how it turned out with no planning and no cutting.

Baby Girl’s a trooper (can’t believe she survived that last fall, she’s fine, she’s a ninja)

Had the pleasure of getting to work briefly on a Brockhampton project last year and ever since have been obsessed with their work.

Original Inspiration

Dominic Fike / Brockhampton ‘This Is Dominic Fike’ / ‘3 Nights’:

Sony A7SIII:

Sony 24-70mm Lens:

Davinci Resolve

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