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Twitch Users Learn to Prepare and Combat Hate Raids!

Repost @gameshotline / @geenadavisorg

Hate Raids are yet another symptom of the systemically racist, sexist, queerphobic, oppressive culture we must guard against. They are a tool used primarily to silence and intimidate streamers, and we have seen how they are unfairly and disproportionately targeted at BIPOC and queer streamers.

Hate Raids flood your alerts, including both sounds and visual notifications, and force usernames onto screen, inundating you and your audience with harassment, hate speech, and more.

The Games and Online Harassment Hotline has prepared the Hate Raid Resource as a guide to bring together the vast community knowledge and tools that have surfaced in response to the increasing hate raids on Twitch. As with other forms of online harassment, the most effective actions to take revolve around prevention.

More info. Link in bio.

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