UPDATE/BIRTHDAY POST: Sorry for hiatus! 10 NEW REVIEWS! Netflix Premiere! Update to Website!

Hi guys! Thanks for all your support!

I'm sorry I've been away so long! I've been working more and my regular schedule for writing has been unpredictable lately. I've also been working on rebuilding the website and touching it up. I finally was able to snag the "samgallmoviereviews" URL for my website:

I've posted 10 NEW REVIEWS as a thank you for your patience!

Almost as an accidental birthday gift, a film that I helped worked on from 2015-2018 called "Kiss the Ground" premieres TODAY (September 22, 2020) on Netflix and various VOD platforms. Directed by Josh Tickell & Rebecca Harrell Tickell. Narrated by Woody Harrelson. I was the production coordinator, helped with additional cinematography, archival footage work and helped in post production. We had a drive-in premiere at West Wind, Goleta last night with Ian Somerhalder.

Sept 21, 2020 - West Wind Drive-In "Kiss the Ground" premiere with Big Picture Ranch crew!

"Kiss the Ground" (2020)

Director: Josh Tickell & Rebecca Harrell Tickell

Company: Big Picture Ranch

Narrator: Woody Harrelson

Cinematographer: Simon Balderas

Writer: Johnny O'Hara, Josh Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell

Producer: Josh Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Alexa Coughlin

Editor: Anthony Ellison, Darius Fisher, Sean P. Keenan, Moment Lu, Ryan A. Nichols

Additional Cinematography: Miles Kelly, Jose Babcock, Sam Gall

Production Coordinator: Sam Gall

Starring: Ian Somerhalder, Rosario Dawson, Rylan Engelhart, Doniga Markegard, Gabe Brown, Ray Archuletta, David Arquette, Amy Smart, Gisele Bundchen, Jason Mraz and more!

Official Trailer:

Sept 21, 2020 | West Wind Drive-In Premiere w/Ian Somerhalder:

“Kiss the Ground” Live (Re-Watch) Netflix Watch Party w/cast!:

You can checkout my behind the scenes production diary consisting of my work as Production Coordinator on “Kiss the Ground” from 2015-2018 as well as the 2020 premiere, and press and everything else related to the film (as it continues to be released) below:

“Kiss the Ground” Sam Gall’s Behind the Scenes LINK: https://www.samgallmoviereviews.com/post/kiss-the-ground-2020-sept-22-netflix-premiere-sam-gall-s-behind-the-scenes-2015-2018

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