Ventura, CA Film Shoot w/WonderMouse inc. 💙 10/15/20

Such a fun shoot with WonderMouse inc. today in Ventura, CA! Met some awesome people! Comic crazy location! Fun new camera crane! Anime talks with Armando! Danny's Diner!

The Awesome "WonderMouse inc." Family:

Simon Balderas IG @wondermouseinc

Lori Balderas IG @loribalderas15

Armando Falcon IG


The Lovely Talent!:

Kelly Lou Dennis IG @kellyloudennis

Sabrina Anderson (with the County of Ventura)

Getting out the WonderMouse gear

The Mighty...

The most entertaining walk to the bathroom begins now...


Lori 😂

Settin' up stuff! Kelly Lou Dennis on set!


Armando Falcon

Uhm yes?

Double yes?

Hi Simon!

Kelly, Crane, Lori

Enjoy your meal

Flashpoint approved

Following that focus with Simon & Armando

Avengers... Assemble

Now assemble that camera, Simon!

Armando Falcon

Simon Balderas with his baby

Simon and I building the camera rig. Photo by Lori Balderas <3

I need this

Company move! (new location)

New setup

Sam, Kelly & Lori! Photo by Simon Balderas <3

Cords, cameras, lights! Photo by Lori Balderas <3

Outdoor gearing up

Thank you for guiding me my whole life Simon <3 Photo by Lori <3

Yeah I should not get credit for this, SIMON held this beast ALL DAY and killed it like a boss! Kelly was the best! Thanks Lori for the photo <3

Camera stuff. Photo by Lori Balderas <3

Last spot before wrap!