We finally did it! A new chapter begins!

Been thinking about this for years, Rachel even longer, but it’s something we’ve been hoping for & working towards especially in these last few months.

Thanks to everyone who helped & supported us along the way! Been needing the extra space & to be together again where our cat can live with us too. My current living situation in Ojai hasn’t been great. I won’t be far, still in the 805, & I still plan to work & see friends/family here.

I can’t wait to get it all ready to move in to the RV! The previous owners took incredible care with it and we really don’t need to do too much. We’ll still have an extra room/office in the house. No big trips planned right away, we’ll still have our individual cars.

Been waiting on so many cool projects & things to share with you guys until this happened! Just been sharing small clips & my collection while I’ve been in the moving process. Stay tuned for more! A new setup for reviews, streams, & other exciting content!

Grateful to the previous owners (Mary & Jean), Rachel, my Aunt Julie & my mom for helping us get here ❤️ Video Tour / Vlog soon

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